Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hobby Hack for Space Marine Shoulder Pads

I have been using corks for painting sub-assemblies for a long time, but when you have 14 reavers to get through thats a lot of corks for bits and bobs.  I have seen people paint pads by taping them to a flat surface but I really wanted the ability to work with a lot of pads assembly line style and access every angle.  A good solution dawned on me the other day.  Old plastic sprue!  With some quick clipper work and a little super glue to add a handle/stand I had what I was looking for in about 10 minutes.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Zone Mortalis, Death Ray Designs Part 2 Painting

So here is my scheme test pieces.  Nothing to fancy, because when you have more than 100 parts to paint, you better do something that looks good but can be done quickly assembly line style.  Thats how I went here.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

50 cents worth of PVC and never spill 7 dollars of ink again.

Was listening to one of my Fav Podcasts today and heard one of the guys lament spilling a pot of GW ink.  This is a Hobby Hack I learned from a buddy.  50 cent PVC joint available at most DIY stores.  Never spill again.  Also, the brush protector on your brushes, they are great at holding pots open on inks.  Pass this along.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tutorial: Building an Arch Magos, that is worthy of leading your Army

I have been working on my Mechanicum Army for over 2 years now and am probably in the neighborhood of 10k worth of points I got tired of using stock Magos models to lead the army.  I have done many small conversion, like weapon swaps, this would be the first full scale one.  The project and idea for this model came from several sources, I took inspiration from The Eye of Horus Podcasts episode on demystifying the Mechanicum.  Tim's famous "The Martian Model" starting giving me some ideas, but I knew I wanted BIGGER.  I toyed with the various abeyance out there.  Even bought the FW one only to sell it later.  Final inspiration came from the Emperor of Mankind novel where they construct a Magos using a Domitar chassis.  The Cawl model had also appeared at the same time and I want to mash that looked into it also.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Airbrushing colored metal paints, Vallejo Airbrush Flow Improver

If there is one thing that has been consistently frustrating fro me it is trying to airbrush with non silver  metal paints.  Everything clogs, no matter the air pressure or thinner used.  I thought this was just a fact of the paints pigment composition, IT IS NOT.

You don't need thinner you need "FLOW IMPROVER"

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cyber Occularis in 3 hours.

Currently there is no Cyber Occularis model currently being made by FW.  This little 15 point Magos add-on is a very powerful addition.  It is basically a spotter that can radio back LOS data and more importantly confer the Magos' buffs to units he is not in range of.  You need atlas one as minimum.  I was going to play a small Con and had limited time to know one out.  I didn't just want to put a marker on the table.