Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Forge World Clears are in, and here are my thoughts and Test Minis.

I have actually been holding off on my Word Bearers and Night Lords as I just could not get the scheme I wanted.  I had tried the Minitaire paints but they were thin and the reds just weren't blood red and The Blue had no depth.  The FW clear Airbrush paints are exceptional.  Above are my test minis, primed black, based Iron Hands Steel, washed with Nuln Oil and then painted with 2 coats of the FW paints.  The Emperors Children model wasn't washed first, was just checking color.  First the Word Bearer is done in Angron Red, I found it a tad orange so it got a quick light spray of Minitaire Magenta, in the end the EXACT color I was looking for.  The Night lord got 2 coats of Calth Blue and then I hit the edges with Eidelon purple to produce some transition and depth.  The Emperors Children Model is just two coats of that same Eidelon Purple.  (FYI the purple model in the back was done with Minitaire purple clear, it's way to blue a cast for EC in my opinion.)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Forge World Paints arrived, Review Soon

So I have noticed few people have posted any reviews on these bad boys except for the "NOT in a dropper Bottle" rants that are currently in full swing both on these and the new GW AB paints.  I do a good bit of airbrushing, and have used Miniaire, GW, and Vallejo all 4 kinds (MC, MA, GC and GA) in my brush over the years.  One thing that has always been hard to find is good metals that have nice colors and don't clog the brush.  The new Game Air silver based metals are pretty good for application but have a funny blue/cool cast to them.  The Yellow-Red Metals are inconsistent with application, often clogging even when thinned.  Minitaire colored paints are pretty good, thickness can be inconsistant but their metals are truly horrid. So I decided to give a couple of the metals and colors front eh FW line a try.  I have Word Bearers and Night Lords in production and got their primary color also.  I will post a review as soon as I get a chance to use them.  More to come.