Saturday, December 19, 2015

New Vallejo Metal Colors

I have been on a quest for years to find metal paints that shoot really well in the airbrush.  Silvers from all brands usually do, but the problems of clogging have always been part of running the coppers and golds.  Well, along comes these beauties.  They are designed to compete against enamel colors for military modelers but they are perfect for our purposes.

"Furioso-Rex" Eater of Worlds

So, I tried some new stuff here.  AK-Interactive's grime and rust paint.  I like the weathering effects but it is going to take a little more trial and error.  Also, chain-fists are messy things, so the Blood for the Blood God was put on pretty thick.  Metal chips were done with the sponge dabbing method.  Blow spattering was done by flicking the bristles of a hard tooth brush, looks more random and you get smaller drips that way.