Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Shattered Legion get some Plasma Heavies

So I love the look of the new MARs Forge Heavy weapons and had to have a squad for my Iron hands in my Shattered Legion.  The only draw back is my Iron Hands are all MKIII and the new weapons were designed for the Calth Plastics.  A good old exit knife does the trick.  Scoop out the MKIII fist and shave the bottom of the forearm bracer, then slice away the back of the hand on the plasma weapon as shown below.  The set of top in the next picture are cut, the ones below are uncut.  Really easy, but go slow.

A little super glue and zip kicker and we are in business, like it was made for MKIII.

Now this recipe is not mine, it is from my old GW Manager in Florida, Golden Daemon winner Pete U.  This is a sure fire way to make RUSTIC looking Iron hands and get them on the table quick.  
Recipe.  Basically you just randomly stipple on the corrosion casts. 

1 Stipple rinox and stegadon in stripes
2 Dabs of Mournfang on rhinox
3 sooted faintly on stegadon
4 Make a wash of karbalite green and apply to pool on certain areas
5 dry brush lead belcher
6 Rune fang on highlighted pieces, celesta on bolter cases, wash nuln 


Now the karbalite wash is the magic sauce.  it is a 4-1 mix water to paint.  It is very thin and you place it on flat edges.  looks great after it dries.  I do a little more after the step 5 dry brush also.

When it is on Wet Above

After it dries

Post Dry Brush

Works Great on Larger pieces also

The light effects are air brushed on as well as the heat distortion.  The trick to light effects is start dark and build up shade by shade to white.  When doing coil weapons like a plasma, you have to go very slow, if you rush it the paint will pool in between coils and ruin the effect.

Forward for the Primarch and Medusa!

Next some Dark Fury, stay tuned.  Hope you enjoyed this super easy scheme.

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