Monday, June 20, 2016

Ferrus' Hammer brings more Firepower to the Shattered Legion

The new Leviathan Dreadnought is a fun build and a great model.

The model is much easier to build and paint in assemblies I find.  I Magnetized the hull weapons so I can swap between flamers or volutes depending on list need.  It was a bit of a fiddly process, I had to shim them out a little with plasticard to make the weapons line up level with magnets.

Paint process is the same in earlier articles form Iron Hands.

I saw another Iron Hands Dread that had some decal work done where the decal was cut to match.  This was my first attempt at doing it.  Let the decal completely dry and then trim with a FRESH scalpel blade.

The trick to a good decal job is weathering the decals in.  I use shredded sponge bits.  Put paint on, dab it off on rag and then lightly dabs the model.  I do this with the base model color and then come back with a fine brush in other air colors just dabbing the sponge spots.

I used the same OSL technique I used on the Plasma heavies in the last article.  Not completely happy with this one yet, may fiddle with it later.

I did a little OSL on the Havy Auto cannons also and the heat effects were applied with the air brush to the Flamers and Cannon barrels.

Here he is with the rest of his crew.  More Salamanders next.

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