Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mechanicum reinforcements completed

Well, the summer is finally here, it has been a rough couple of semesters leaving precious little time to get to a paint brush, but I have hit it with a furry in the last two weeks.  I did a poor job of taking photos but there is still some good info in here.

First off the Hoplite models from FW are awesome.  I decided to bite off a full squad of 20 right off the bat.  Made for some good assembly line painting.

So Hoplites and any of the Mechs based not he plastics are best built in assemblies.  I did them in three, shields, upper bodies and legs on bases.  This allows you to quickly paint the legs, and on the torsos get all the way into the cloaks without moving around the legs.  Now one HUGE issue with the plastics.  Certain legs to to certain torsos, so NUMBERING THE CORKS was a huge time saver, even with this I had to shave some butts off to mack them all fit, they are such a tight tolerance that two layers of primer makes it not fit well.  Other than that is was a simple build and paint.  I primed everything black and then painted all the metal bits with the airbrush using Vallejo Liquid Metal DuraAluminum.  The I brush the cloaks red, did all the brass bits with my homemade Mech bronze color and then washed it all with Agrax.  After that I highlighted a little with brighter reds, brasses and silvers.

I also used heavily thinned green to give the spears a glow effect that matches my army.

And thats it.  Let me know what you think and hit me up with any questions you have.  These guys have Haywire and are bruisers against armored opponents and all 20 fit in a Triaros.  Way kool!

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