Wednesday, September 7, 2016

8 Hour Tech Thralls

So I finally got to knocking out some thrall, in the end I did 50, and have 10 more on the way.  40 with LasLocks and 20 with Mitras.  I used the same techniques on both types.  When I started these i wanted them done well but quick, I hate painting infantry in repetition, so I went with a scheme where techniques could really speed things up, in the end I came up with a way to knock 10 of these guys out in 8 hours.  That does not include ink drying times.

I started by priming these guys black as metallics were the next coat.  This was applied with an airbrush.  I didn't like any of the copper brasses that are available off the shelf, so I made my own, it is equal parts Vallejo liquid metal Gold, Copper and GW Brass Scorpion.  I added a decent amount of Vallejo thinner also to get the brass scorpion thinned to air brush consistency.  Hit the whole model with this, I didn't stress on the pants as they were getting painted brown.

 Next I applied the thermal effect I use in a lot of my models, bands of purple, blue and then a good sooty black.  It is easiest to do this first as if you hit another part of the model with one of the three you can cover it during detail painting.

Next, give the guy some brown pants.  Go with a lighter brown and it is going to get inked to add depth.  The flesh arm of the thrall I base paint Rackarth flesh.

Next paint all you silver bits, I use a combo mix of leadbelcher and Vallejo Model Air silver.  the mix makes for a good metal color and paints smoothly.

Then give the entire model, Minus the fleshy arm an Agrax wash.   Was the arm with crimson wash.  Let these dry COMPLETELY.

Next I hand painted the metal highlights on the flesh arms and did some super quick brush highlights.  The majority of the highlighting I did with a very directional and light dry brushing of vallejo Model Air steel.  (No photo of this, but pretty self explanatory)

Next is a good old EASY air brush OSL technique.  First paint a white spot.

Then paint the white spot green, notice the over spray on the chest looks like cast light.

 Next a smaller white spot.

Then a good neon green, I used Livery green from the vallejo game air line.  If you have an old hair dryer available, this technique goes quick.  You can do it without the white, but the color build up is super slow and takes a lot of coats, making it easy to make a spider web goopy mess.  This technique is fat and looks good.

And thats it.  One pretty Tar pit in a couple days work.

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